Rehman Tex Manufacturer and exporter of textiles fabric-Made ups

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Rehman Tex Manufacturer and exporter of textiles fabric-Made ups

INTRODUCTION It is pointed up that M/S. Rehman Tex International is one of the Composite Unit and Leading Manufacturers and Exporters of PAKISTAN in all kinds of process WOVEN TEXTILE & it’s Made Ups working under Rehman Group of Textiles. We are exporting Grey, Bleached, Dyed and Printed Fabric and made ups to International Market. WEAVING SETUP We are producing and offering high Grade Fabric from our Auto, Shuttle less and Air jet Looms. These can produce as much quantity of fabric as a buyer requires. Main width range in fabrics are from 35” to 145” Grey form and in processed white, dyed or printed fabric from 37” to 126” finished. We capable to produce 100% cotton, Poly cotton, Twill, Satin, Herringbone, Half Panama, Flannel & Garment Fabrics low thread to heavy constructions. PROCESSING SETUP We are installed most modern and latest processing unit comprising of brand new Italian machine. We are capable of Produce white, dyed & printing fabric in 20 colors width of 3200 mm, and repeat sizes ranging from 641 mm to 1200 mm is the best available. We are also proud to provide 3200 mm maximum finish width of fabric to our esteemed customers. STITCHING SETUP We are also dealing in made ups for which we have our own stitching unit consisting of 40 machines. These are operated by skilled and qualified staff. Our daily production is 3000 bed sets, so we can easily handle the made ups requirements of our valuable customers. 100-Stitching machines are also being added to enhance the productivity. Quality Control and Assurance Rehman Group has perfected its Quality Control System, which includes scrupulous checks, to ensure flawless production. The experienced Quality – Assurance (QA) team extend its operation even into the Procurement of raw materials and machinery. Rehman Tex. Has continuously restructured this system, and it now features a unique capability in terms of Industry –low rework and repair rate. It has acquired the latest Quality-Control techniques, and developed quality consciousness among the work force. Due to its firm grip on quality regulations, Rehman Tex can meet the best AQL requirements of clients. Product Details Ready Made products Bed sheets (Bleach, Dyed or Printed) Duvet/Quilt Cover sets (Bleach, Dyed, and Printed) Quilted Products Filled comforter Table linen Kitchen linen Candlewicks/Tufted Bed spread Flannel fabrics bleach or dyed with raising (soft finishing) Bird eye weaving fabrics (bleach or dyed) Candlewicks/tufted fabrics (bleach or dyed) Towels & Bath robes Hand towel Bath towel Face towel Tea towel Bathrobes (kids & Adults) Slippers Kitchen Linen Apron Table cover Mitten, Pot Holder Tissues etc With Kindest Regards Muhammad Nadeem G.M. Export +923006607431 Export Office & Mills: Head Office: No.7 chack Samana same Sargodha Road, Faisalabad. Pakistan Phones: +92 3478612777, +92 41 8868653, +92 41 8810929 Fax No: +92 41 8810829 E-MAIL:,,

Tags: Textiles, Fabric, Bed sheet, Duvet Set, Quilt Set, Comforter Cover, Coverlets, Mattress Cover, Pillow, Sham pillow, Apron, Napkin, Hotel Sheet, hospital sheet, Thermal Blanket, Table linen, Bed linen, Towel, Hand Towel, curtain, Mitten, Pot Holder, Kitche,

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Head Office: No.7 chack Samana same Sargodha Road, Faisalabad. Pakistan Phones: +92 3006607431 +92 41 8868653 Fax No: +92 41 8810829
Contact Number:
+92 41 8810829


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